Have you ever asked yourself? What’s the best breakfast before a workout?

This morning I went to the gym for an abs-workout. Before I went I first ate 2 scrambled eggs with ½ avocado. Than I ate non-fat yogurt with a mix of nuts, raisins and ½ banana. On top of the banana you can see I put a little bit peanut butter on. At last I always end my breakfast with a dried date. You can see on the picture a glass of water. The water is warm I always drink it with an empty stomach because it stimulates bowel movement. The warm water wakes your digestive system slowly up.

Why did I ate these products?

Well, It’s very important to get quickly proteins. Because it stimulates your muscle recovery and muscle growth.

The products with the amount of proteins :
– 2 scrambled eggs : 13,6 gram
– ½ avocado : 1,3 gram
– non-fat yogurt : 4,9 gram
– peanut butter/100gr. : 26,0 gram
– almonds/100gr. : 19,5 gram
– hazelnuts/100gr. : 14,2 gram
– walnuts/100gr. : 14,4 gram
– raisins/100gr. : 2,5 gram
– ½ banana : 0,6 gram
– dried date/100gr. : 1,8 gram