Today I want to tell you something about Kayla Itsines. The girl who let women’s all over the world feeling better, happier, healthier and fitter.


Today I want to tell you something about Kayla Itsines. She is 23 years old from Adelaide, Australia. Her journey began in 2008, when she started a personal training course at the Australian Institute of Fitness. She took a job at a personal training centre in Adelaide, only for women’s. She started her own research and began to develop her own set of exercises that targeted those areas specifically. Before she knew it, she had developed workouts and cardio techniques that achieved a certain result: a bikini body confidence. She started her own company aimed at helping woman. Her clients saw amazing results in 12 weeks and began to spread an amazing positive message. She realized her bikini body guide became bigger…

bikinibodyguideThe bikini body guide

The bikini body guide or also called BBG is a period of 3 months (12 weeks). Throughout this weeks you will be performing three separate styles of training; resistance, cardio, rehabilitation. A good way to get continuous progress from exercise is to use the technique called ‘progressive overload’.

My opinion

I’m starting week 3, and it’s really hard but I think it’s worth it. You feel better, healthier and fitter. When I started I couldn’t do push-ups and now 2 weeks later I can do 15 push-ups easily. The first time I found 2minutes skipping really difficult, now don’t have a problem with that anymore, so I feel my body become fitter. I want to recommend that you can’t just start with the BBG. You need a fitness and cardio experience. I have always been sporting but before I started this guide, I trained six weeks really hard and intense.

Transformation example





When you want to start the fitness lifestyle I recommend to take a good friend with you. I always tried to do the fitness lifestyle on my own. But it never worked out until I found a fitness buddy. Exercising with a friend is more successful (and fun) than working out alone. You will treat the fitness experience as another social event. It’s about getting motivated to go on. You can get the best motivation by other people. Because a fitness buddy shows that he or she is proud of you. If you find people who appreciate your hard work and who are 100% behind you, then the hard work is much more beautiful than it already was!