Burning fat is definitely not easy, especially for girls. We, girls, have more body fat percentage then guys. We have love handles, fat in our buttocks and fat in our belly. In this blog I give you some advice to burn fat easily.

First remember healthy weight loss is to burn fat and increase your muscle mass! One year ago I started fitness. Since 6 weeks I’m doing it really intensive and I really like it. It’s a combination of 3 days fitness and 3 days cardio. My body is fitter then last week but my weigh scale says something different. Don’t always focus on your weigh scale. Take pictures to see your progress, you will be a lot more motivated.

Tips to burn fat:
1. Different sports
Varied exercises will stimulate fat burn.
2. Small portions
Improve you metabolism by eating small (healthy) portions.
3. Walk, walk, walk
Your heart rate goes by walking not too high so this helps to burn fat.
4. Drink more water
Drinking two glasses of water would increase your metabolism by 30%.
5. Proteins
Proteins during meals increase your metabolism. But do not exaggerate.
6. Do resistance training
The muscles you build will increase your metabolism and burn more fat.
7. Sleep well
During your sleep you burn more calories than when you are awake in idle state.


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