What do you drink after your workout? Well, my answer is CHOCOLATE MILK.

Ofcourse you have the chocolate milk from the supermarket, but better and healthier is the dark chocolate that you melt in warm (preferably 0% fat) milk.

Dark Chocolate – Best Chocolate
You can find a large number of antioxidants in dark chocolate. Dark chocolate is the chocolate with the highest possible percentage of cocoa. Cocoa is good for your health. It stabilizes your blood pressure, it’s good for your heart and blood vessels, it plays a role in your brain metabolism, it increases your happiness and it contributes to a better concentration.

But be careful…
Everything that is eaten and drunk in large degree is bad for health, also cocoa.

Work Out – Drink Chocolate Milk
Chocolate milk contains both protein and carbohydrates, two factors that the body needs after exercise. That means drinking chocolate stimulates muscle recovery and muscle growth after exercising. Chocolate milk is even better than all other sport drinks.


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