About Me


Hi, welcome to my blog! My name is Zoë, I’m 17 and I’m living the healthy life. Why? Because I feel so much better, and when I cheat (by eating cake, pizza,…) I enjoy and appreciate my food so much more.

This is my story…

Well, I used to be ‘the skinny girl’ but when I was 16 and puberty came my body changed. One day, my dad said to me “don’t eat too much because you’re not so skinny anymore”. I was chocked and I didn’t believe him. So I still ate like I was used to be. When I saw pictures of myself 2 years ago, I looked in the mirror and I felt terrible, fat and ugly. Then I saw I had stripes on both buttocks. I started crying. After this moment I decided to start the fitness lifestyle.

Now I’m happy and healthy!

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